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Embark on a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. Discover the world's most incredible destinations, meticulously curated for their breathtaking adventures, stunning beauty, distinctive locations, and unrivaled indulgence.

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With Bucketlist Xperiences, luxury adventure knows no bounds.
We go beyond the ordinary to offer thrilling activities and exclusive access to locations that will leave you breathless. Whether it's embarking on a helicopter ride over iconic landmarks, diving into vibrant underwater worlds, or embarking on exhilarating wildlife safaris, we ensure that every adventure is carefully orchestrated to provide you with unparalleled excitement and a true sense of discovery.

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At Bucketlist Xperiences, we believe in delivering the extraordinary - the kind of travel experiences that money can't buy, the kind that make you say "WOW" every single day. Our journey spans decades of passionate commitment to the world of travel, orchestrated by the dedicated Kaplan family. United by a shared thirst for exploration, our family has set foot in nearly every country on Earth. With this invaluable knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, and landscapes, we curate and operate unique trips that go beyond the usual, beyond the expected, and right into the realm of the spectacular.