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About Us.

Meet the Kaplans
At Bucketlist Xperiences, we believe in delivering the extraordinary - the kind of travel experiences that money can't buy, the kind that make you say "WOW" every single day. Our journey spans decades of passionate commitment to the world of travel, orchestrated by the dedicated Kaplan family. United by a shared thirst for exploration, our family has set foot in nearly every country on Earth. With this invaluable knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, and landscapes, we curate and operate unique trips that go beyond the usual, beyond the expected, and right into the realm of the spectacular.

Andrea Kaplan, Founder & Chief Xperience Officer, with Jordan Kaplan, President of Bucketlist Xperiences.

How it all started.

Our story is one of passion, ambition, and family. Bucketlist Xperiences was born from the lifelong travel experiences of the Kaplans. This is a story a couple whose business roots were born in emerging markets in every corner of the globe and evolved into a couples love of unique travel and adventure bolstered by worldwide relationships. In time, personal travel turned into experiential trips with CEO friends looking for true bucket list experiences with active components.  This has now evolved into what today is Bucketlist Xperiences, once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable travel experiences. As the demand for such unique,immersive experiences grew, their son Jordan joined Bucketlist Xperiences to support the demand for experiences.  Today, Jordan’s leadership, complemented by the founders rich expertise & contact base, instills a shared family vision into the business. This synergy has sculpted Bucketlist Xperiences into the leading architect of bespoke travel experiences that it is renowned for today.

The Pillars
We Stand By.

Bucketlist Xperiences takes pride in our quintessential pillars – Culture, Multisport, Luxury, Education, and BX Only Experiences.  

We infuse each trip with elements of local culture, allowing you to feel the heartbeat of the places you visit. Our multisport offerings ensure an adrenaline rush for the adventurous. We guarantee absolute luxury, ensuring you experience the best of your destinations in supreme comfort. Furthermore, each journey is a learning expedition, enriching your knowledge and expanding your horizons. Our BX Only Experiences, unique to Bucketlist Xperiences, present exclusive opportunities for unparalleled experiences, ones that remain etched in your memory long after the journey ends. Join us to embark on a journey where every moment is a celebration of life, culture, and adventure.

Travel With Impact.

At Bucketlist Xperiences, we do more than just curate unforgettable journeys. Each trip we organize is a chance to support the communities and environments that welcome us.

For every travel experience we create, we select a local initiative to which we contribute. From supporting schools to aiding in conservation efforts, our donations vary based on the regions we explore.

By embarking on an adventure with Bucketlist Xperiences, you're not only investing in an enriching journey but also contributing to the very destinations you visit. Travel the world with us and make a positive difference along the way.

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